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Welcome to Learn Swift Online!  We’ve created this website to help you learn Swift, Apple’s new programming language. You can find Swift tutorials, examples and reference material that will help you better understand the language. If you’re coming from an Objective-C background, you will feel right at home with the Swift programming language, you can even use Swift inside your existing Objective-C projects!


Introduction to Swift

In 2014, Apple surprised the entire developer community by announcing a new programming language called Swift. Swift was built to be a powerful, yet intuitive programming language designed for use on iOS, OSX, tvOS and watchOS platforms. It has all the features of a modern programming language, is easy to learn and best of all, fun to use!


Swift 2.0

One year later during WWDC, Apple announced the next version of the programming language, Swift 2.0. This new version took what was great with the original language and incorporated improved stability and language syntax additions (among other things). All Swift tutorials, reference material and examples on this website have been written in Swift 2.



Be sure to check out our string reference guide, array reference guide and how to organize your Swift code articles to start.